University graduate study of Early and Preschool Education

University graduate study of Early and Preschool Education
Name of qualification: Master of Early and Preschool Education
Official length of programme: Two-year study programme (four semesters)
ECTS acquired: upon completion of the study programme students acquire 300 ECTS
Mode of study: Full-time study

Access requirements: This study program is intended for people who have completed:
  •  university level undergraduate study programme of Early and Preschool Education;
  •  university level undergraduate study programme in the area of social sciences, in the field of  Pedagogy, Psychology, Education and Rehabilitation Sciences, Kinesiology (branch –    educational kinesiology) and Sociology and interdisciplinary social sciences 
  •  specialist professional study of  preschool education, providing that the applicant has completed  differential programme in order to acquire competencies needed for enrolment in the graduate  study programme

Learning outcomes:The qualification obtained enables the holder to perform highly professional, research and development work in the field of early and preschool education. Based on generic and specific competencies acquired in the study programme, the holder of the qualification is specially qualified to:
  • partake in complex, multi-level processes of early and preschool education shifting the boundaries of the standard definition of kindergarten teacher career;
  • respond at a qualitatively higher level to the increasing work demands in the field of early and preschool education;
  •  encourage the creative and active research component in education;
  • think integratively in the context of one's own profession;
  • constantly pursue professional development in the context of lifelong learning.
Professional status:The qualification attained allows its holder to hold jobs in the field of early care and education in preschool institutions, performing the work tasks and duties at a qualitatively higher level. In addition to that, the holder is qualified for highly professional work in science and higher education, public sector, state institutions and local and regional self-governing institutions whose work involves childcare and early and preschool education.

Access to further study: After the completion of the graduate study, the holder has the right to enrol in a corresponding postgraduate university study, or a postgraduate specialist professional study, under the conditions given by the university that conducts this study.

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